The Tiananmen Incident

You may already know about world-famous Tiananmen Square protests that occurred in June of 1989, but did you know about the Tiananmen Incident that occurred on this day (April 5) in 1976? Via Wikipedia (footnote omitted):

“The Tiananmen Incident [Chinese: 四五天安门事件] was a mass gathering and protest that took place on 4–5 April 1976, at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. The incident occurred on the traditional day of mourning, the Qingming Festival, after the Nanjing Incident [when] some people strongly disapproved of the removal of the displays of mourning, and began gathering in the Square to protest against the central authorities …. The event was labeled as counterrevolutionary immediately after its occurrence by the Communist Party’s Central Committee and served as a gateway to the dismissal and house arrest of then-Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping, who was accused of planning the event, while he insisted that he was only nearby for a haircut. The Central Committee’s decision on the event was reversed after the Cultural Revolution ended, [and] it would later be officially hailed as a display of patriotism.”

Chang'an Avenue and the Modernization of Chinese Architecture - Art History  Publication Initiative
Map of Tiananmen Square, East Chang’an Avenue, and West Chang’an Avenue during the late Qing dynasty (1908).

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