World Book Day

I will resume my “Smith in the City” series on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, to commemorate the 27th anniversary of World Book Day (23 April 2022), below is a listing, in no particular order, of some book reviews and book chapters that I have written over the years:

  1. Review of Ryan Patrick Hanley’s book about Adam Smith, Our Great Purpose (forthcoming).
  2. Review of Jeremy Adelman’s biography of Albert O. Hirschman, Worldly Philosopher (available here).
  3. Review of Tyler Cowen’s Love Letter to Big Business (here).
  4. Review of Randy Kozel’s Settled Versus Right: A Theory of Precedent (here)
  5. Review of Cheryl Misak’s biography of Frank Ramsey, A Sheer Excess of Powers (here).
  6. Review of Nate Oman’s The Dignity of Commerce (here).
  7. Chapter for Economics of the Undead: “Buy or Bite?
  8. Chapter for Better Call Saul & Philosophy: “Breaking Bad Promises.”
  9. Chapter for Blade Runner: memorias, vigilencia y el sujeto desechable: “El ajedrez en Blade Runner: lecciones de la Partida Inmortal” (in Spanish).
World Book Day 2021: the novels that have inspired academics - Futurum

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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