Reading List for Smith in the City

In addition to the letters of Horace Walpole and Madame Riccoboni, I am also reading the following texts as part of my researches into Adam Smith’s life in Paris:

  1. James Bonar, editor, A Catalogue of the Library of Adam Smith (1894), available here.
  2. Charissa Bremer-David, editor, Paris: Life & Luxury in the Eighteenth Century (2011), available here. This book was part of an exhibition of 18th-century luxury goods and objets d’art at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles from April 26, 2011 to August 7, 2011.
  3. Jonathan Conlin, Tales of Two Cities: Paris, London and the Birth of the Modern City (2013), available here, the cover of which is pictured below.
  4. C. R. Fay, Adam Smith and the Scotland of his Day (1956), available here, especially Chapter 11 on “Smith, Toulouse, and Turgot,”
  5. Jacques Hillairet, Dictionnaire historique des rues de Paris (1963). I am using this general reference book to pinpoint the street numbers of the townhouses and other places in Paris that Adam Smith most likely visited.
  6. Journal Politique Pour l’Année 1766, multiple issues, available here. I am using this primary source to get some sense of what educated people in Paris were talking about at the time.
  7. Sarah Maza, Private Lives and Public Affairs: The Causes Célèbres of Prerevolutionary France (1993), available here.
  8. Ronald L. Meek, The Economics of Physiocracy: Essays & Translations (1963), available here. Although the term “physiocracy” to describe the ideas of the French economistes was not coined until after Adam Smith’s 1766 sojourn in Paris, this classic reference book has proven to be invaluable.
  9. Adam Smith, “Of the nature of that imitation which takes place in what are called the imitative arts” (1795). This fascinating essay by Smith was published after his death.
  10. Julian Swann, Politics and the Parlement of Paris under Louis XV, 1754–1774 (1995), available here, especially Chapter 9 on La Chalotais and the Brittany Affair.
Tales of Two Cities: Paris, London and the Birth of the Modern City:  Conlin, Jonathan: 9781619022256: Books

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