End of year review: 2022

Here is a summary of my scholarly production this past year:

  1. In January, the Saint Louis University Law Journal published Teaching Tiger King, a pedagogical paper I co-authored with my teaching assistants. (This paper describes how we totally redesigned our business law survey course from scratch during the first few weeks of the pandemic.)
  2. In February, I discovered a 1939 edition of Horace Walpole’s 1765-1766 Paris travel journal, which contains over 20 references to Adam Smith or to Smith’s pupil at the time, the future Duke of Buccleuch, and I then began researching and writing a lengthy paper describing the places and people Smith saw during his first few weeks in Paris in early 1766. (This work consumed the months of March, April, and May.)
  3. In May, my work Breaking Bad Promises was published in Better Call Saul and Philosophy (available here), edited by Joshua Heter and Brett Copenger.
  4. In June and July, I presented my work on Adam Smith in Paris in 1766 (see here) at two academic conferences: the History of Economics Society (HES), where I finally met my fellow Ronald Coase scholar Steven Medema, and the International Adam Smith Society (IASS), where I met another of my intellectual idols, Tyler Cowen.
  5. In August, my work Adam Smith in Love was republished in a new collection of essays on Hume, Smith, Burke, Geijer, Menger, and d’Argenson (available here), edited by Dan Klein. I also made substantial revisions to my Adam Smith in Paris manuscript.
  6. In September, the Journal of Law & Public Policy published my work The Gödel Conspiracy, which does four things. First off, I show how Kurt Gödel, the greatest logician since Aristotle, himself fell for a far-fetched conspiracy theory. Next, I present a number of plausible “conspiracy theory theories” to explain why such ideas are so popular. Last, I survey the growing calls for social media censorship and then propose an alternative approach: a conspiracy theory betting market.
  7. In October, I presented my work on Coase’s Parables at Mercer University, a paper rated “highly recommended” by legal scholar Larry Solum (see here).
  8. In November, I re-presented my conspiracy theory betting market idea at the annual Loyola Constitutional Law Colloquium, and I also chaired a panel devoted to Adam Smith at the Southern Economic Association.
  9. In December, to recharge my intellectual batteries, I attended a performance by Burna Boy in Orlando (my wife and I love afrobeats); flew to Los Angeles to visit my parents, attend Derek Thompson’s “Progress Summit” in person, and catch a Laker game at the Crypto arena; and then ended the year by flying back to Florida and visiting the Hemingway Home in Key West.
Image credit: Dana Davis

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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