In Memoriam: Dean Cleavenger

I received some somber news today (10 January): “As we begin the spring semester, I am sad to write that we’ve learned our former colleague Dean Cleavenger passed away Dec. 10. Dean was on faculty with us for from 2007-21, teaching our core management course as well as in the graduate and MBA programs. He was a great colleague and good friend to many. He was well respected by his students and known for his engaging and humorous storytelling. He had his Ph.D. from Ole Miss and was a Fulbright Scholar and an entrepreneur. He is survived by his children, Samuel and Maggie Cleavenger.” This short notice doesn’t even begin to do justice to Dr Dean Cleavenger’s legacy as a teacher and scholar, and his death is especially poignant because I not only knew Dean personally since the fall of 2014 (we both taught “lecture capture” courses at our home institution and met for lunch almost every month); I am only two years younger than Dean. I will post an elegy to my fellow scholar and friend soon; in the meantime, I found this touching tribute written by Dean’s son Samuel.

Dean Cleavenger (3 November 1966 – 9 December 2022)

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