Fascism in Florida?

According to this report, a Republican State Senator by the name of Jason Brodeur (pictured below next to the swastica symbol), who represents Lake Mary in Central Florida, has drafted a draconian bill (see here) that would require bloggers who write about the Governor or other members of the Florida executive and legislative branches to register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics. (The bill was filed with the Florida Legislature on 28 February and referred to the several legislative committees on 6 March.) Alas, Brodeur’s neo-fascist proposal constitutes nothing less than an arbitrary and capricious abridgement of speech, but what is even crazier than this inane bill is that (as of the morning of 7 March) Governor DeSantis has yet to reject this illiberal measure! PSA: In place of the heavy hand of censorship, why not subsidize a “truth market” instead?

Update (9 March): Just a few hours after I put this blog post up, Governor DeSantis distanced himself from Brodeur’s blogger bill. Is it just a coincidence, or is my blog starting to have an impact on politics?

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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7 Responses to Fascism in Florida?

  1. I almost want to write about the Florida executive and legislative branches for the sake of a test case.

    This what gets me about this new strain of “Populist Conservatism”, how are these GOP cronies protecting my freedom when they impose such authoritarian measures that overtly transgress the First Amendment?

    Desantis a likely contender for a presidential run; if that is the case (even though statistically my vote doesn’t count), he will not get my vote.

    I really hope a third-party candidate will run; I can’t vote for either Sleepy Joe (nor his more radical counter parts like Warren and Sanders) or DeSanctimonious.

    My only hope is that the LP can get a solid candidate that will not be a complete embarrassment.

    • For my part, I will most likely be voting Libertarian again; also, I predict that there will be so many candidates running on the Republican side that Trump will eke out the nomination and we will get stuck with Biden again!

      • I will probably do the same, vote LP. That is an interesting theory about Trump claiming the GOP spot. I can certainly see how too many GOP candidates can distract voters/ act as a spoiler in the primary.

        It does seem like the majority of people I know who supported Trump are leaning towards Desantis; hailing him as Trump 2.0.

        Granted, this is an extremely small sample of previous Trump supporters( possibly prone to sampling error), but I think there is something to this observation.

        In some ways he comes off as more polished , younger, and calculated (merely a perception) version of Trump with similar policy positions.

        If 2016 taught us anything, never underestimate a former reality television star at the ballot box.

      • Trump versus Baby Trump (Ron D) is going to be a good one!

      • It will be quite the showdown; true political theater.

        It might create another minor schism in the party, but not one as profound as the split caused by Trump. I think Don scared off the last of the remaining Neo-Conservatives.

        However, I believe a few have tried to mash themselves into the mold of the Trumpian Republican (e.g. Victor Davis Hanson, Sen. Lindsey Graham, etc.).

      • Trump versus the world!

  2. ** Desantis is a likely

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