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Our favorite research poster 

We have been celebrating Research Week at our home institution, the University of Central Florida (UCF). Our Research Week culminated today with the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence, featuring over 300 student poster presentations, representing over 50 majors. One of … Continue reading

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Kitchen art (Loch Ness serving spoon edition)

Available at Animi Causa — hat tip: Andrew Liszewski, via Gizmodo.

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The evolution of computer hardware

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Coming soon: Star Trek stamps

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Easter egg bot

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Doughnut Pool Table

Why are most billiards tables always rectangular? The artist Cleon Daniel has designed and built a round “doughnut pool table” (pictured below) for our edification. You can check out more of the artist’s work here via Design Boom. (Hat tip: Cliff Pickover.)  

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Visualization of moral entropy in Breaking Bad

Hat tip: Shreya Durvasula (via The Hooded Utilitarian)

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Lego art (Dome of the Rock edition)

From Wikipedia (footnotes omitted): “The Dome of the Rock — Arabic: قبة الصخرة‎ (transliteration: Qubbat Al-Sakhrah), Hebrew: כיפת הסלע‎ (transliteration: Kipat Hasela) — is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem … [It] is now one of … Continue reading

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Pi art

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Coffee cup art

Via Gear Patrol, check out this beautiful collection of NYC disposable coffee cups; hat tip: kotkke.

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