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Infinite 3D printer regress

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Merry Christmas: a “Blade Runner” sequel is in the works

We interrupt our sporadic Internet sabbatical with the following update: Forget the overhyped (and totally overrated) Star Wars franchise, because we just discovered that Blade Runner is coming back to the big screen. The “original” Blade Runner is one of … Continue reading

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Blade Runner as film noir

Thanks to our colleague and friend Daniel Nina, we saw the movie Blade Runner for the first time in the spring of 2006 (Prof Nina had organized an open-air screening of the film at the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Law … Continue reading

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Reverse Turing Tests and Ethical Machines (part 1 of 3)

Our colleague John Danaher recently pondered the possibility of a “Reverse Turing Test” in this intriguing blog post dated 21 July 2016. That is, instead of testing for a machine’s ability to think like a human, what if we tested for a … Continue reading

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Starfleet mafia?

Although we haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet (Star Trek Beyond), in today’s post we want to pose the following question about the fictional world of Star Trek: who pays for Starfleet? According to Wikipedia, “Starfleet is a … Continue reading

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Blade Runner forever

We are big fans of the movie Blade Runner. We even co-authored a scholarly paper titled “Clones and the Coase Theorem” in which we explore the problem of time-scarcity (the limited lifespans of the replicants in Blade Runner) in light … Continue reading

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We want one of these!

Check out this short video featuring an assortment of volocopters or lightweight personal helicopters designed and manufactured by the German firm e-volo. Forget drones; we’d rather have our own personal “VC 200” to travel around our home state (Florida). Wow, … Continue reading

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