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“Abuse Standards Violation”

That is the title of an art exhibit in London created by the husband-and-wife artistic team of Franco and Eva Mattes. (Check out this review by Ted Loos (NY Times) for more details.) In summary, the focus of this exhibit … Continue reading

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Blade Runner forever

We are big fans of the movie Blade Runner. We even co-authored a scholarly paper titled “Clones and the Coase Theorem” in which we explore the problem of time-scarcity (the limited lifespans of the replicants in Blade Runner) in light … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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5-minute flick

Most movies nowadays are just way too long. (Does Captain America, for example, really need to be 2 hours and 27 minutes long?) Here, by contrast, is a wonderful five-minute film (via digg). Tell us what you think …

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In honor of Cuban Independence Day (20 de mayo).

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Science stamps

The Royal Mail (U.K.) has launched a special stamp set in honor of British inventors. The stamps pictured above depict a wide variety of British inventions (moving clockwise, from top-left to bottom-left): the World Wide Web, the world’s first digital computer … Continue reading

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Pictured below is a computer keyboard monument created by artist Anatoly Vyatkin. This massive sculpture was designed to mimic an IBM PC keyboard. It consists of 86 stone blocks, each weighing up to 1,000 pounds, and is located in Yekaterinburg, … Continue reading

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Clock wall

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If cars could fly …

Artist Credit: Cy Kuckenbaker

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Geometrical Sand Castles

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