With the first batch of college football games just around the corner, we want to bring star quarterback McKenzie Milton to your attention. Milton used to start for the University of Central Florida (UCF) before he was seriously injured at the end of the 2018 season, but according to this recent Associated Press report dated 5 August 2019, Milton might be joining the coaching staff at UCF. We’re familiar with the term “student-athlete”; this is the first time, however, we’ve heard of a “student coach”! Here is an extended excerpt from the AP report (edited by us for clarity): Continue reading

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Juke Green (with selfie)

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In praise of Walmart?

Yes, according to Zack Kanter, for the following reasons:

Walmart is one of the wonders of the modern world, built from scratch in a hyper-competitive environment, scaled from nothing to the largest company in the US by revenue and by headcount, all resulting from a singular vision of saving everyday people money with everyday low prices. It is the most successful social welfare system ever implemented, saving billions and billions of dollars for everyday Americans without costing taxpayers a dime.

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Spoiler alerts

Hat tip: ?who? (via flickr)

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Why are the exteriors of most cars just one color? Why don’t we see more cars with stripes or plaid paint jobs, or even polka dots?

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Inca Barbie

My daughters Adys Ann and Aritzia and I surveyed a remarkable and motley collection of Barbie dolls, including the two beautiful dolls pictured above, at the Expo Barbie at Les Cours Mont Royal in Montreal. See more below the fold: Continue reading

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Video book reviews

Did you know that book reviews on YouTube are a thing? By way of example, check out the video review (posted below) of one of Mateusz Urbanowicz‘s beautiful picture books. (This particular tome, which is titled Tokyo Storefronts, is available here and on Amazon.) In addition to Mr Urbanowicz’s lovely watercolors of storefronts, what most called my attention to Teoh Yi Chie’s page-by-page review is that it is in the form of a YouTube video! (Hat tip: @kottke.)

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