The Flight 93 Impeachment

Does anyone still remember this essay from 2016 titled “The Flight 93 Election” written by an anonymous intellectual, who turned out to be Mike Anton? Either way, let us remember the real heroes of Flight 93, when 40 Americans sacrificed their lives to save the White House and the U.S. Capitol. (My two cents: impeach, remove, and arrest!)

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Trump’s Wall

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New Semester, New Questions

I will begin teaching my survey course on “The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business” on 19 January 2021, and this semester, I will once again focus on social media companies like Facebook. Below are some screenshots of the homepage of my course:

For my part, I am conflicted over this opening question. On the one hand, the risks mentioned by Zuckerberg cannot be ignored, but on the other hand, Zuck’s decision sets a dangerous precedent. Also, it is unlikely that Trump himself will be charged with the crime of incitement. So, how would you answer this question?

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Public Opinion Survey on U.S. Coup Attempt

Are we headed toward another civil war? A significant fraction of Republican respondents (24%) support last week’s attempted coup!

The survey was paid for by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the full report is available here.

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Of dogs and men

Following up on this previous post:

Dog bites man: POTUS condemns “heinous attack” by mob on U.S. Capitol Building.

Man bites dog: POTUS incites mob to commit “heinous attack” on U.S. Capitol Building.

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The Ineffectual 25th Amendment

Trump bin Laden is a national disgrace and must be removed from office, but alas, the complex and convoluted procedures of the 25th Amendment (see flow chart by Brian Kalt below) are unlikely to achieve that goal. Update (Noon): More ambiguities abound!

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Pennsylvania Presidential Election Reality Check

To those of us who have heeded or otherwise entertained Trump’s voter-fraud demagoguery–including myself, at least until yesterday, and my dear mother!–, check out Senator Pat Toomey’s lucid and point-by-point response to PA’s electoral objectors, a response that leaves no reasonable doubt about the voter fraud allegations in his State:

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PSA: Here is the police hotline to report Trump & sons for incitement

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A modest proposal (attempted coup edition)

Update (7:29PM): Given that these events occurred on federal property, maybe it should be the FBI making the arrest under this law, and the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael R. Sherwin, should be the one to bring charges.

Update #2 (7 Jan.): The N.Y. Times editorial board agrees with me that Trump bin Laden must face criminal prosecution for incitement.

Update #3 (7 Jan.): First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh (UCLA) takes an opposing view. Alas, Professor Volokh’s narrow reading of the leading incitement case, Brandenburg v. Ohio, is open to debate. President Trump’s incendiary speech, just minutes before the attack on Capitol Hill, was like yelling fire in a crowded theater!

Update #4 (8 Jan.): According to this report via CNBC, the federal prosecutor for DC has not ruled out charging President Trump for incitement!

Update #5 (10 Jan.): Senator Pat Toomey agrees with me that Trump might incur criminal liability for the 6 January Coup Attempt. #RuleOfLaw

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Three Kings Day

Today (6 January) is Epiphany, or “Three Kings’ Day”; pictured below is a poster commemorating Three Kings Day, a poster originally made in 1982 by Nuyorican artist Manny Vega. More details about the significance of this holy day to my Latin American brothers and sisters are available here.

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