Haitian vodou art

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Time lapse of rare Yosemite Falls rainbow

More details here (hat tip @kottke).

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Do the Patriots still have to pay Antonio Brown?

Maybe. Although the Patriots finally cut Antonio Brown from the team, Kristian Dyer explains in this Fox Business report why Bob Kraft might still have to pay Brown the first part of his signing bonus ($5 million USD). Because this NFL contract poses so many fascinating moral and legal issues, we will update this blog post as more information becomes available.

Update (9/21): Mike Reiss, an ESPN staff writer, reports that the Patriots had agreed to pay Brown a $9 million signing bonus, and that the bonus was to be divided into two parts: $5 million to be paid on Sept. 23, 2019 (this Monday!) and $4 million to be paid on Jan. 15, 2020. (Here is Reiss’s report.) So will Brown get paid on Monday? According to Reiss, Brown “is unlikely to get any of the bonus because of a representation warranty clause that calls for a player to disclose any situations that might prevent continued availability.”

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Breaking Bad Promises

That is the title of my latest work in progress, which is about the moral and legal status of illicit promises, defined broadly as promises to perform illegal or immoral acts. (Shout out to my colleague and friend Dan O’Gorman for suggesting this super-sexy title to me.) Among other things, illicit promises pose a fascinating moral paradox. On the one hand, we have a general duty to keep our promises, but on the other hand, we also have a general duty to obey the law and avoid immoral actions. So, what happens when we make a promise to do just that, to break a law or perform an immoral act? I began working on this paper a couple of years ago, but I made substantial revisions this summer, and the revised paper is now available here, via SSRN. Comments are welcome. I will be blogging about this paper next week; in the meantime, here is the abstract: Continue reading

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Dreams do come true

I am happy to report that my work in progress “Kant on Evidence: A Hypothetical Reply to Kerr” will finally be published in the summer 2019 volume of the Green Bag. My little essay, which is only one page long (!), is available here via SSRN. In any case, the Green Bag is my all-time favorite law journal, so this minor feat is a dream come true.

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The logic of adjectives

Check out this essay by Minda Zetlin explaining the ordering of adjectives. Among other things, her essay brought Mark Forsyth’s beautiful book The Elements of Eloquence to our attention. In his book (see screenshot below) Forsyth gives the following memorable example to illustrate the logic of adjectives: “a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife.” Simply put, one cannot move the order of any of those adjectives without having the sentence sound completely wrong. According to Forsyth, there are eight types of adjectives, and they should be used in the following order:

1. Opinion

2. Size

3. Age

4. Shape

5. Color

6. Origin

7. Material

8. Purpose

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.48.56 PM

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Geographic SCOTUS

Alternative title: “the least democratic branch”

Hat tip: u/BroIBeliveAtYou, via reddit

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