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Chandelier shadow art (created with used bike parts)

Hat tip to dittidot (via reddit). Note: prior probability will avoid blogging on Sundays.

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Office Art (“Post-it” edition)

In case you’re wondering, you can order black Post-its here. Hat tip: Wall_Rat.

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Where did all the video stores go?

Joseph Schumpeter is famous among historians for his “creative destruction” theory of modern capitalism. How about a “destructive creation” theory of art? Via kottke, an artist pretending to be a Parisian hipster named “Stan”–who only watches modern films and TV series on … Continue reading

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Check out this book of maps edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Tom McCarthy: “Mapping it Out: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartography.” Here are some samples from the book. Here is one of our favorites: Michael Craig-Martin, “Globalisation” (2011)

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The Madness of Crowds?

Explain this equilibrium, or as the errant economist Tyler Cowen likes to say, solve for the equilibrium you see in the video …

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“Armed Cowards”

Police in Miami Beach used a taser to kill Israel Hernandez-Llach, a promising 18-year old artist. According to this report in the Times, the reaction of one citizen, Miguel Gonell, a 67-year-old Cuban exile, really says it all. He called the police “armed cowards” and compared … Continue reading

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