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Publish or perish …

According to our friend Walter Olson at overlawyered.com: “CNN, NYT, AP, NBC, ABC, the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, and the CBC, will *not* be running Charlie-Hebdo cartoons, though a number of American publications did so, including Daily Beast, Vox, and Bloomberg. No UK paper on Thursday … Continue reading

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The New Yorker asks, “How evil should a video game allow you to be?”

Yesterday, the online version of The New Yorker published a thought-provoking essay by Simon Parker titled “How evil should a video game allow you to be?” Here are two excerpts: A 2011 Supreme Court ruling recognized that video games, like other forms of … Continue reading

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Information externalities

Information wants to be free … except on Twitter? Lots of people say they are for free speech, except when they are not … Is there a principled or “right” way of drawing the line between free speech and prohibited speech?

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What do you think of the new Rolling Stone cover?

Here is a more interesting question: is your reaction based on moral grounds, emotions, aesthetic considerations, or something else? In addition, we would ask, what is the probability that this provocative cover will increase (or decrease) the sales of Rolling Stone … Continue reading

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