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The most important date in history?

On March 12, 1989, the same year the Berlin Wall fell, Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher at CERN, wrote up and distributed a revolutionary proposal to improve information flows among computers: “a ‘web’ of notes with links between them.” (See diagram below from Berners-Lee’s proposal.) … Continue reading

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Internet Population Map (circa 2006)

Via the science journal Nature, this is what a political map of the world would look like if the size of each country were correlated with the size of its online population. Here is a more recent internet population map.

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“Step away from that [smart] phone!”

That is the title of this interesting report in the Sunday Times about the various strategies some people use to disconnect from their smart phones and maintain a modicum of sanity. Here is an excerpt: Whenever Michael Carl, the fashion … Continue reading

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The logic of the world wide web

Can anyone explain the economic logic of the world wide web to prior probability? (If you are an economist, just leave and close the door behind you.) Traditional business firms provide private goods and services at some positive (non-negative) price. … Continue reading

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