Is Google (potentially) more evil than the NSA?

Whoever wrote this blog entry seems to think so. But don’t Internet users knowingly and voluntarily consent to Google’s privacy policy when we sign up for Gmail? Or do Google’s terms of service constitute a tortious “invasion of privacy” under the common law? (hat tip: digg)

Who is the lesser evil?

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2 Responses to Is Google (potentially) more evil than the NSA?

  1. Khambrel Davis says:

    Yes, Google has the POTENTIAL to be more evil than the NSA. Google runs the net for Americans, from YouTube to Google Maps. The thing is people are more open to Google’s invasive traits because they feel it as a benefit, but I just want to know when did they ask for my permission to put my house on the world wide web. Such an intrusive app helps out millions with directions though, so I guess the good is outweighed by the bad public policy wise. The NSA is accused of invading rights, but who gave Google the permission to locate my cellular device? (Thinking about it: I guess I did, by downloading various apps that i had no idea they would need to acquire my exact location) Makes me think about what I am actually consenting to when i press the ‘i agree’ button in order to download the app.

  2. enrique says:

    Great comment. I especially like your point about how people perceive benefits. One could argue that the NSA’s surveillance methods also benefit us (presumably by alerting the government to possible terrorists attacks), but this benefit is too diffuse and too speculative compared to the direct and daily way in which Google benefits us (e.g. Gmail, Google Maps, etc.)

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