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Prediction theory of law (#Celebgate edition)

Is Apple liable in tort for last fall’s hack of celebrity iCloud accounts? What about Google? Check out this in-depth essay by Issie Lapowsky, published in Wired Magazine last September, addressing some of these questions. According to one source cited in Lapowsky’s report — … Continue reading

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“Google’s Philosopher”

That is the title of this intriguing essay by Robert Herritt in the Pacific Standard — our favorite e-mag, by the way — summarizing the “philosophy of information” as well as the original work of Luciano Floridi, an Oxford philosopher who is inventing “entirely new ways … Continue reading

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Is Google (potentially) more evil than the NSA?

Whoever wrote this blog entry seems to think so. But don’t Internet users knowingly and voluntarily consent to Google’s privacy policy when we sign up for Gmail? Or do Google’s terms of service constitute a tortious “invasion of privacy” under the common law? (hat tip: digg) … Continue reading

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