Impeach Obama?

Seriously, since Republicans have a solid majority in the House, and since the House has the sole power of impeachment under Article II, Section  2 of the Constitution, what is the probability that the House of Representatives will, in fact, draw up and vote on Articles of Impeachment this summer? Is it closer to one or to zero?
My bad!

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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4 Responses to Impeach Obama?

  1. The chances of impeachment are slim to none. It’s just hot air to even suggest it, because the Clinton case made it obvious it’s not only futile but counter-productive to impeach if you can’t convict. And the Senate wouldn’t convict. IF impeached and not convicted, it would have the effect of improving support for the embattled president. But I can’t guarantee the House wouldn’t be stupid enough to try.

  2. The Professor's Wife says:

    Why should they impeach him? Because he negotiated with the terrorists? Because he freed 5 Gitmo prisoners who Bush had/has there for reasons we do not not about? Why haven’t they been given due process? Are some of them in fact innocent?

    • enrique says:

      Hey, we’re not asking you to second-guess Pres. Obama’s ill-considered and dubious decision to release “enemy combatants” in exchange for an unpopular soldier … we’re asking you to guess the probabilities of a possible impeachment vote … i.e., are the Republicans all bark or do they have any bite?

  3. The Professors Wife says:

    All bark and no bite! There is a very low probability that they will impeach

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