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We are teaching “Intro to Business Law” at UCF this semester, and now that we are half-way through the semester, we would like some feedback from our students. (At last count, 1009 students are enrolled in Introduction to Business Law or BUL 3130.) You have one week to “grade the professor,” so vote early and vote often, for this pithy poll expires on 16 October. Comments are especially welcome, especially responses to the following two questions:

1. What do you like most about the Professor’s Intro to Business Law class? 2. What do you like the least, i.e. what would you like the Professor to do differently?

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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21 Responses to Grade the Professor

  1. Iris says:

    What I like most about Dr. Guerra is that he is very nice and understanding and I feel like he cares a lot about his students. It seems that most things on our power point slides are not on the quizzes. I personally asked the professor if the Pearson code that he recommended would be a great tool for the quizzes an he said yes, but a lot of the answers are actually not on the Pearson My-lab at all and it makes it difficult since the info is not on his power point slides either. The quiz questions need to be revised with questions that we can answer from the class lectures and My lab info.Other than the quiz dilemma, Dr. Guerra is an amazing professor and he’s very very sweet and understanding.

    • enrique says:

      For the most part, everything you need for the quizzes appears in the online lesson presentations and in the textbook. Some of the questions, however, present a fact pattern or counterfactual situation that does not appear in the readings or online lessons. For those questions, you will have to apply what you have learned in your studies to find the correct answer.

  2. ccgirl says:

    While Dr. Guerra’s lectures are engaging and informative, I find it unhelpful that the quizzes are not accessible after they are closed. With a full school schedule and a job, it is difficult for me to come in and speak with the professor and/or TA’s about any given quiz. I would appreciate it if I could see what I got wrong, and I think it would be a great way to review general concepts for the final as well.

  3. Hayden Brown says:

    I like the class. It’s a cool, general overview of biz law that gives us the basics.
    One thing that does scare me is the 1 exam final (albeit it’s only 25% of the grade).. Maybe I’m speaking too soon – if it ends up being easy or highly curved – but I’m more comfortable with 2 or 3 exams throughout the semester so I can figure out how the professor tests us and how well I’m staying on track.

    • Dina says:

      I Like his way of teaching . He engaged us with upgrade it cases .I am little bit scared from the Final Exam . I hope you will provide us with what material so we can focus on because it’s a lot to study . Also, I Hope you would open all the quizzes we have done to review what we got wrong ,so we can prepare for the Final exam .I wish if you can open up the reminding quizzes for students who like to work ahead like me . Rather than that you’re awesome professor I enjoyed you’re class .God Bless

    • enrique says:

      Rest assured that the final will be just like the quizzes and the writing assignments, but instead of only ten questions, there will be around 30 multiple-choice questions and one short essay question. We will say more about the final this week.

  4. Maria Rennemann says:

    I like that the professor is very passionate about law and that he gives real world examples. I enjoy all of the clips, it helps break up a long class. I am slightly concerned for the final test. The information does not necessarily correspond with the quizzes and I am afraid that the final will be the same. I would like a better understanding of the information that will be on the tests.

  5. Jackie Siragusa says:

    I am taking this class via video stream and have enjoyed it because I feel I am part of his class. The professor is very knowledgeable and passionate about the law and I enjoy his lectures very much. He engages the students and makes it a point of addressing them by name. I feel he is an extremely professional man and I think the students have the ability to learn from him. What I like least about the class is the fact that we cannot see the results to any quizzes we take. I do not understand why they can not be visible after the deadline. I find it frustrating to not see what errors I have made since I feel I know the material and am confident with the answers I have chosen. If I am making the same mistake over and over, how will I ever learn what I am doing wrong. When a class is over 900 people how can any professor give any of his students the time they need to understand the material they are being tested on? He has a tremendous opportunity to engage and teach the students, but he lacks the feedback that everyone seems to be wanting.

  6. melissa says:

    I enjoy this course a lot because since he is so passionate about business law. He makes it very easy to relate the material to everyday incidents, which helps understand the book’s material. I enjoy reading all of his blog posts and articles because they are full of passion and always interesting. The only thing I think I would ask him to change would be not to ask the class questions so often because it disrupts his lecture and gets confusing for classmates watching the lecture at home. I also hope that there will be a study guide for the final exam, which is worth 20% of our final grade.

  7. Ali Man says:

    I’m an engineering student, probably the only one in the 1K students taking this class, and this is so far been one of the few enjoyable classes. The early music tracks, the vids, the natural humor and jokes all make it a unique experience. The professor is very respectable and compassionate towards his students with everything that he does, and the fact that he asks the name from every student after asking a question only proves it. The course work is tough, as a whole, but like he said, if you do everything on time on the weekly basis, it would be made a little easier. It would be quite something to learn everything for the final exam, however, when I personally know of a such a great guy that teaches and takes pride the way that he does, regardless of whatever grade I get, this class would be worth it.

  8. Amanda says:

    I feel like the material you are giving us is not hard. I am just personally having a tough time enjoying it because it is law and it is uninteresting to me. I think that he is very unorganized or comes off that way to me because he is very frazzled sounding when he talks about something other than the law. I feel like he could have known a lot more about the technology that is entailed with the class and also sticking with one email in the beginning of the course because it got confusing. To think about the final exam is also, very scary because we have not had any sort of hint to what this exam is going to be like. So, I am hoping we are going to get a good review in class and a study guide of some sort that we can go off of. AND the quizzes can be opened in sufficient time and we can study those and learn from our mistakes in a sense.

  9. Cole says:

    I think you are a very good professor. You do a great job of making the subject interesting and tying it into the real world. The last quiz was the first quiz I had watched the necessary lectures for before taking it and it was my highest grade of a 9/10. You have a ton of non-fluencies (umm, uh, what, and uh) though when you speak.

  10. Gabrielle says:

    Dr. Guerra is a very informative professor. He is knowledgeable on what he is teaching. I enjoy his lectures, even though Business Law is not my preferred topic. The engaging part about the lectures (i.e Time Outs, Problems, relevant topics) makes it easy to follow along and understand the subject. The amount of enthusiasm the professor brings on a daily basis to class is refreshing. I am a video stream student who works full time and goes to school full time. I agree with the other students who struggle making it to professors office hours or TA hours. I live an hour and a half from main campus and work full time in a city that is 2 hours from campus. It is really difficult to make it to the office hours and understand what I am doing wrong on the quizzes. The quizzes can be quite challenging and it is frustrating not being able to see what I am not understanding so that I can further study what I don’t know. Also, I think only having one attempt on the quiz and not being able to go back to the previous question is hindering to students who are attempting to test their comprehension of the material. If I get a 7/10 on the quiz, all I know is somehow I got three wrong. Which three? No idea. That does not help me correct my misunderstandings. I think for future classes it would be beneficial to create a pool of questions and allow two attempts on each quiz. That way students can get a greater exposure of material they should be understanding and they have an opportunity to correct what they didn’t understand.

  11. Franc says:

    I would like to see the answers of my quizzes so I can see what questions did I miss. Other things are great and professor is really nice.

  12. brneyedgirl72 says:

    The lectures are very interesting; however, I’m not a sports fan and don’t know most of the people that Dr. Guerra refers to in his lectures as examples. Please avoid using sports figures and use more familiar subjects that we can relate to. I dislike that there is only one attempt to take the quiz and you cannot see what you made an error on so you can’t go back and review it. I also dislike the format of the homework assignments. This is not a “Gordon Rule of Writing” class, why are we writing so much?

    • enrique says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is a lot of writing in this class. The reason for this is that most of my students are in the College of Business and writing (especially persuasive writing) is something we have to do a lot of in all aspects of the business world, even accounting! Also, please note that each writing assignment is reasonable (consisting of short one-page memos), and we have made every effort to make the topics for each assignment as interesting and engaging as possible, especially if you love sports, movies, and the arts.

  13. Rita says:

    i enjoy your class. I appreciate that you repeat the answers or questions from the audience, and are passionate about this topic. I would like to see the quizes after they have been completed so that I know what i got wrong…the final concerns me also, since its cumulative.

  14. I really have enjoyed this class! So far, it’s my favorite class this semester! My major is (BAS) Software Development, but this professor has me wanting to take more law classes! It’s been awesome so far!
    To address what others have said… I too would like to see what topics I missed, at least once the quiz has been closed. I believe being able to see where I went wrong could help emphasize what I need to further study.
    In that same vein, I believe it would be beneficial to be able to take the quizzes more than once. Most of the other courses I have taken have allowed up to 3 attempts. I do, however, appreciate the generous allotment of time to take the quizzes.
    Overall, this has been the most fun course, and I look forward to the remainder of the semester!

  15. enrique says:

    Thank you to Iris, Hayden, Dina, Maria, Jackie, Melissa, Ali, Amanda, Cole, Gabrielle, Franc, Rita, Jeff, and two anonymous posters for taking the time to provide feedback on the first half of the Business Law. Your comments and criticisms are on the whole very helpful. Although we cannot leave the quizzes unlocked while they are still open, the Professor will try to figure out a way of opening up or unlocking the quizzes after they close each Friday.

  16. Deborah says:

    For the quizzes, my intent was to go back and double check my answers but it would not allow me to. Besides, enjoyable class-coincides with my management class-almost on the same topic. The writing assignments helps me dig deeper into understanding the material better.

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