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Is your Uber driver an employee or an independent contractor?

The ride-sharing company Uber has appealed a recent decision of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office declaring a former Uber driver to be an “employee” of the company and not an “independent contractor.” (For more information, here is the actual decision itself, and here is a … Continue reading

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Coase theorem primer (police shooting video edition)

Broadly speaking, the so-called Coase theorem states that when bargaining is feasible (i.e. when transaction costs are low), bargaining among parties with conflicts of interest will produce an efficient economic outcome regardless of the initial allocation of property rights. English economist … Continue reading

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Is a Snickers candy bar tax deductible?

In a word, no. What if you ate the candy bar during work hours while you were working? The answer is still no. The larger question is this: are snacks ever deductible? And do you prefer a simple “bright-line rule” or … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz (game theory edition)

The image above (courtesy of Matt H. Evans) contains four colorful quadrants depicting the basic elements of game theory, a mathematical approach to human behavior. Which one of these quadrants, however, is redundant? 

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Game of Chicken (cult classic edition)

Can we model politics, litigation, and other forms of competition as games of chicken?

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Copyright infringement?

J’s on your feet? Via Darren Rovell: A photographer by the name of Jacobus Rentmeester is suing Nike for copyright infringement (you can read more about this case here), alleging that his picture of Michael Jordan (left) was changed slightly by Nike … Continue reading

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Optimal video length for student engagement is six minutes …

According to this report by Philip Guo, Juho Kim, and Rob Rubin, who studied student engagement with online courses offered by the edX consortium (edX’s Wikipedia here). Guo, Kim, and Rubin took all 862 educational videos from four edX courses offered in the fall of 2012 … Continue reading

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Grade the Professor (Spring Break edition)

It’s that time of year again! With Spring Break right around the corner, we would like some feedback from our business law students. It’s your chance to “grade the professor,” so vote early and vote often … this pithy poll expires on Friday, … Continue reading

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Prediction theory of law (#Celebgate edition)

Is Apple liable in tort for last fall’s hack of celebrity iCloud accounts? What about Google? Check out this in-depth essay by Issie Lapowsky, published in Wired Magazine last September, addressing some of these questions. According to one source cited in Lapowsky’s report — … Continue reading

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“Rule 2 The Ball”

Check out the current version of Rule 2 of the official NFL Rulebook (edited by us for brevity): BALL DIMENSIONS (Sec. 1) The Ball must be a “Wilson,” hand selected, bearing the signature of the Commissioner of the League, Roger Goodell. The … Continue reading

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