Coordination Games (Internet “Sabbath” Edition)

Why is there no “Sabbath” or day of rest on the Internet? Would bloggers, Facebook users, Email spammers–i.e. everyone who uses the Internet–be better off if we could all take a day or two of rest from the Internet once in a while, or even a month-long “Internet vacation” like the French do in real life in August? Even if this were the case, the problem is that there is no way of coordinating or enforcing an Internet Sabbath. Furthermore, even if we could coordinate on a day of rest, some Internet users will always be tempted to cheat (or “defect”, in the nomenclature of game theory) in order to attract more followers, page views, etc. Since the Internet community is so disperse and since the Internet has no central authority to impose a day of rest, an Internet Sabbath is unlikely to ever get off the ground. So, should each Internet user decide for himself which day or days to take off the Internet, like athletes do? 

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One Response to Coordination Games (Internet “Sabbath” Edition)

  1. jecgenovese says:

    Interesting suggestion. I notice that my blog traffic goes way down on Saturdays and that the blogs I read have fewer posts on that day. Perhaps the Sabbath is already a kind of Internet Sabbath.

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