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In memory of Thomas Schelling, the errant economist

Update (1/22/17): check out this touching tribute to Schelling by Glenn Loury. (Hat tip: Garrett Jones, via Twitter.) We have been trying to stay away from the Internet during our “Christmas sabbatical” to spend more time with our family, attend to … Continue reading

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Caption this

Romney's popular vote share: 47%.Trump's popular vote share: 46.5%. — Leigh Caldwell (@leighblue) November 30, 2016 I made the Trump/Romney photo black and white, and it looks like a Twilight Zone episode where a guy just made a foolish … Continue reading

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Daniel Dennett’s four rules

We recently stumbled upon this short post by Maria Popova (“How to criticize with kindness”) explaining philosopher Daniel Dennett’s “four rules” of fair-minded, scholarly criticism. In brief, before you begin to refute or criticize someone else’s ideas, you should do … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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Prisoner’s dilemma everywhere: weekend email from your boss edition

As our friends and fellow “forty-something” bloggers at Cheap Talk like to point out, prisoner dilemmas are everywhere. Suppose you are a junior manager at a large Fortune 500 corporation or a junior attorney/accountant at a firm. Your boss sends … Continue reading

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A question for Professors Fried & Shiffrin

Charles Fried is best known (among scholars of contract law) for his “contract as promise” thesis, while Seana Shiffrin is widely known for her influential 2007 Harvard Law Review article on the divergence between contract and promise. We too are … Continue reading

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Should Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz drop out? (Republican Primary Prisoner’s Dilemma)

Our friend and colleague Steve Landsburg makes the following two observations on his blog: (i) “for either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to become the Republican nominee, he must first consolidate the anti-Trump vote, which is to say that either … Continue reading

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