Can you spot the difference between a “fashionista” and a “trumpanista,” or this is a false choice, a distinction without a difference? The Urban Dictionary defines a fashionista as “a person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily [sic] unique or high fashion.” We would argue that a trumpanista, by contrast, is someone who purposely wears outmoded articles of clothing, like the now-iconic hat worn (and sold) by businessman-extraordinaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump. Or as Ashley Parker, writing for the N.Y. Times, explains (edited by us for clarity):

An old-school, wide-brimmed rope hat — some in white and navy, others in red and white — has seemingly become the ironic must-have fashion accessory of the summer. It is the “Make America Great Again” campaign hat first worn in July by Donald J. Trump in Laredo, Tex., and since spotted on hipsters from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles and in the football locker of Tom Brady * * * The hats’ appeal seems to rest partly in their studied outmodedness (think the 2.0 version of the trucker hats repopularized by millennials) and partly in their uncanny ability to capture the current absurdist political moment, with 17 Republicans vying, circuslike, for their party’s nomination.

“I’m at a loss to describe the ironic charm of the hats,” said Nu Wexler, a public policy spokesman at Twitter who received one as a gift from a colleague. “It’s a huge hat that looks like something you’d wear at a golf club in South Florida in the ’80s.” Yet, Mr. Wexler added, “I’m a liberal Democrat who probably disagrees with Trump on every issue other than campaign finance, but I still respect his Twitter game.”

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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