Recent Reading (“Methuselah’s Children”)

We’ve just finished reading Robert Heinlein’s 1958 science fiction novel Methuselah’s Children. Why wasn’t this book made into a movie? Among other things, Heinlein explores the possibility of extended human lifespans as well as the possibility of intergalactic travel faster than the speed of light. Here is a brief synopsis of Heinlein’s novel (via Wikipedia), and here is one of our favorite sentences from part two of the novel (Baen Books edition, pictured below (middle image), p. 252): “Knowledge alone did not win wars. The ignorant fanatics of Europe’s Middle Ages had defeated the incomparably higher Islamic culture; Archimedes had been struck down by a common soldier; barbarians had sacked Rome.”  Next up on our Christmas season reading list: Tom Landry: An Autobiography.)

Methuselahs Children 1958.jpg

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