Visualization of the most and least talkative Simpsons characters

Simpsons Data

Credit: Todd W. Schneider, via kottke.

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6 Responses to Visualization of the most and least talkative Simpsons characters

  1. CHC says:

    VERY VERY surprised to see Moe as #6. It must be a case of many utterances x few words.

    • CHC says:

      Because Skinner was definitely the more verbose than Moe. So it must have to do with the number of appearances.

      • CHC says:

        I think this raises a more interesting topic — what measure is the “best” measure to decide who is the “top” or “most popular” Simpsons character? Why is “total words” better than “total appearances” or “seconds on screen” or perhaps “sharp utterances said at important moments” or “who carries the script along” or “how many characters responded to what this character said”. The point is, the “centraility” of a character can be measured in many ways, all of which are arbitrary and revolve around the critic’s view of centrality.

      • Excellent point. Figuring out which metric or dimension to measure is a “value laden” choice …

    • In addition, what about the many other characters that don’t appear on this list?

  2. jecgenovese says:

    Grandpa Simpson is not getting enough air time!

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