Capitalist Cuba?

File this entry under Paradoxes of Cuban Socialism. Why isn’t access to the Internet free in Socialist Cuba? Via the Associated Press (emphasis by us):

HAVANA (Sep. 21) — The Cuban government says it will make five miles of Havana’s iconic seafront boulevard, the Malecon, into the largest WiFi hotspot [on the Island] … State media said Wednesday that WiFi will be installed along the most popular stretch of the Malecon by the end of the year … Since last year, the government has installed dozens of WiFi spots in public areas, charging $2 an hour

Via Gemma and Craig (Two Scots Abroad), you can find more details regarding Cuba’s restrictive and crony-capitalist Internet policies here: “To gain access to WiFi in Cuba, purchase a card from a ETECSA telecommunications centre or a hotel which has WiFi accessibility. The card should cost 4.50 CUC / $4.50 / £2.93 and gives you one hour of online internet access in Cuba.” Lastly, while we’re on the subject of paradoxes, why doesn’t Fidel have an endorsement deal with Adidas? Or does he?

Image result for fidel adidas

We are all crony capitalists now.

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