Zuckerberg for President?

Happy MLK Day! Check out this well-reasoned conjecture by Nick Bilton explaining the origins and logic of Facebook inventor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s worldly ambitions. Here is just one excerpt from Mr Bilton’s intriguing essay: “Facebook would not be Zuckerberg’s only contribution to society. ‘He has much bigger plans’ ….”

Update (1/21): Further evidence that Zuckerberg intends to run for higher office can be found in this fascinating report by Sarah Frier: “… it’s fair to wonder whether Zuckerberg wants to run for public office. He isn’t saying, but his online mix of serious business and dad jokes can’t help but feel a little political. For a point of comparison, check out Barack Obama’s social media accounts sometime.”

Update #2 (1/25): Via BuzzFeed, Zuckerberg says he has no plans on running for higher office. Do you believe him?

Photo credit: Jeff Chiu, Associated Press

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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4 Responses to Zuckerberg for President?

  1. Craig C says:

    Not my value system.

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