Rule evasion (I-95 edition)

My wife and I took turns driving from Orlando, Florida to Savannah, Georgia via various interstate highways earlier today in order to attend the annual meeting of Academy of Legal Studies in Business (#ALSB): I-4 East to I-95 North to I-16 East. There was light traffic most of the way, and I noticed that most (if not all) motorists, including ourselves, were driving at least 10 to 20 miles per hour in excess of the posted speed limits, depending on whether the speed limit was 60 or 70 mph. In other words, rule evasion, far from being some rare occurrence, is the norm, at least when traffic is light! (By the way, doesn’t my contagion model of rule evasion explain this behavior? If driver A sees driver B speeding (and getting away with it), then A should be more likely to speed himself.) So, how common is rule evasion in other domains of life?

Image result for 70 mph speed limit
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