A flag for Mars

Why don’t any of the planets or moons in our solar system have their own flags? Calder Hansen proposes a new flag for Mars. More information about this proposed Martian flag is available here. Hat tip: kottke. [Update (14 June 2019): There is some controversy as to the actual origins of the design for the flag for Mars. See the comments section and here.]

Credit: Calder Hansen

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3 Responses to A flag for Mars

  1. tatatwn says:

    This flag of mars design is not Calder Hansen’s own idea. It was proposed and designed by a group of Bradley scholars at their 2018 annual seminar, at a group activity where Calder was present. The students were asked to design flags to represent their grade year in school. The group of students have a picture of the flag they designed for their freshman year – THIS exact red chevron on white background flag. Calder used the design as his own without permission.

  2. Reblogged this on prior probability and commented:

    In honor of Flag Day (14 June), we are reposting our “Flag for Mars” post of 5 September 2017.

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