Is Thiel in or out?

I am interrupting my extended series on the enigma of Adam Smith’s love life to re-post my September 2, 2020 blog post titled “Is Thiel in or out?” (See below.) Now, with just one week to go before Election Day, our friend and fellow libertarian colleague Peter Thiel is still on the political sidelines, or so it seems, refusing to publicly endorse Donald J. Trump. (In 2016, by contrast, Thiel openly endorsed Trump.) Also, where is the anti-anti-Trump “Flight 93 Election” faction? Do you even remember them?

prior probability

As you may or may not recall, Peter Thiel–the crypto-libertarian tech billionaire who made his massive fortune via PayPal, Facebook, and other startup ventures–publicly supported candidate Donald J. Trump during the previous presidential election cycle. (See, for example, these remarks he made at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 2016, remarks that I found very persuasive at the time.) But Mr Thiel has been awfully quiet lately! My Google search for “Thiel Trump 2020” yields some inconclusive results

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4 Responses to Is Thiel in or out?

  1. I don’t blame him for being silent. If the choice is between the Republican-Democrat dichotomy that isn’t really a choice. They are both equally as bad.

    I would chalk up his 2016 endorsement of Trump to he had no faith in Gary Johnson. He was operating under the false assumption that Trump would be pro-business ignoring his protectionist rhetoric.

    He could take a chance and endorse a third-party candidate this time around.

    • I am totally with you! Either I will abstain from voting altogether or I will vote for Jo Jorgenson…

      • Agreed. While I fully understand my vote doesn’t count. I actually enjoy the expressive function of voting. It will either be Jo or a write- in for Jacob Hornberger. I agree with him on policy. I don’t appreciate his flirtations with conspiracy theories.

        It’s toss up between those two for the presidential race. I have considered engaging in strategic voting at the state level. Due to the fact there aren’t any LPs running.

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