History matters (Trail of Tears edition)

A strong case can be made that “ethnic cleansing” began in the USA. Exhibit A: The Indian Removal Act of 1830.

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  1. That’s one thing that many who advocate for social justice get wrong. You can use the same apparatus that is used to coercively discriminate to fix the problem.

    The impetus of this whole action was after all a law. That’s why I am always confused why so many seeking using government as a platform to correct injustice

  2. I just finished read Coase’s “lighthouse” paper earlier today.

    If my understanding is correct:

    * It is possible for lighthouses to be privately owned and operated. The U.K.’s history of lighthouse ownership is proof.

    * Contrary to the assumptions of Pigou, Samuelson, and Mill, etc. they are not exclusively public goods.

    * The only fixed role government must have in the enterprise of maintaining and operating a lighthouse is protecting the property rights of owners/operators.

    .* That paying “light dues” to utilize the lighthouse’s service is superior to having maintenance and operations funded through taxes.

    A.) Treasury funding would reduce efficiency.

    B) I would personally add, it also provides a sense of ownership. If you are paying for a service you have more skin in the game. You will be less apt to abuse services or infrastructure if there is direct and evident cost. Especially when taking such liberties could lead to exclusion from services or higher future rates. (Best handled as private club good).

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