PSA: Kill the Covid Olympics

I will resume my reflections in my next post. For now, I just want to voice my support for cancelling or postponing the Olympics. Sorry, NBC, but public health is more important than selling ads. Also, why are so many universities (including my home institution) insisting on returning to in-person lectures in the fall? Why not wait until at least 75% of the local population is vaccinated or until we otherwise get the new “Delta variant” from India under control? In other words, if coronavirus cases are surging again, why are we letting our guard down now? What happened to “save grandma”?

Fukushima, The Pandemic & Olympics On The Opening Of the Olympics : Indybay

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  1. I think the whole “Get Vaccinated” campaign has quelled the concerns of most people. Irrespective of the actual functionality of the vaccine received, people now think they are completely “immune”.

    I was not a fan of the lockdowns due to the infringements upon economic liberty. I certainly understand people wanting to be cautious in light of the Delta variant. I also do not believe this situation will stabilized anytime soon. As any epidemiologist can tell us, COVID is only going to mutate.

    E.g.) Some strains of Salmonella have evolved to be antibiotic resistant. Generally, leaving healthcare professional between a rock-and-a hard place from a treatment standpoint.,were%20recovered%20from%20broiler%20farms.

    Much how various strains of E.coli, Norovirus, common cold, etc. all have evolved over the years.

    I am not minimizing the dangers, however, we as society need make some tough decisions. There are adverse consequence for each path we take. I hope we favor liberty over the safety that cannot be guaranteed. However, liberty does come at a price. Not in the way this platitude has been conveyed by warmongering Neo-Cons. Invariably, the trade off for having a less restrictive society would result in an increase of the number of Delta strain cases.

    *** For the record, I do not have a background in microbiology. However, I am fascinated by the field***

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