Holiday readings

I stumbled upon some additional reading materials these days as I was cleaning out some old files, so I am updating my 12/23 holiday reading list to include the ones I enjoyed reading (or in two cases, re-reading) the most:

8. “Accounting and the theory of the firm” by the late Ronald H. Coase. This little-known 1989 paper explores the relationship between cost accounting and economic theory.

9. “On the origins of property rights” by yours truly. This theoretical paper, one of the first I ever published — and part of a failed NEH grant application of mine — locates the origins of property in mating strategies; alas, it is not available online.

10. “Colombo: the grassy knoll” by William Harrington. What if there were a second assassin? I picked up a copy of this 1993 JFK-murder mystery at the Free Little Library located in Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

11. “Why not more States?” by Jennifer Kindred Mitchell. Among other things, this scholarly paper explores the history of US statehood, starting with the admittance of Tennessee in 1796, and makes the case for dividing California into three separate States.

12. “Forget morality” by Ronnie de Sousa — a persuasive and devastating critique take-down of moral philosophy.

prior probability

Among other things, the holidays are a time when I finally get to catch up on my scholarly readings. Below, for example, is a listing of some of the sundry papers and books I am studying this season:

  1. Gametek: the math and science of gaming” by Geoffrey Engelstein.
  2. Where is my flying car?” by Josh Hall (cover pictured below).
  3. Games: agency as art” by C. Thi Nguyen.
  4. Do you have to reply to this paper?” by Saul Smilansky.
  5. Moral theory and anomaly” by Tom Sorrell.
  6. Measuring the accuracy of diagnostic systems” by John A. Swets.
  7. Extreme entrepreneurship” by Adam J. Sulkowski. Where Is My Flying Car?: 9781953953186: J. Storrs Hall: Books

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