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Review of Finding Law (part 3)

We have been commenting on Professor Stephen Sachs’s scholarly paper “Finding Law.” In brief, we agree with Sachs that law does not have to written down to be “law.” But as we explained in our previous post, we disagree with … Continue reading

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May reading list

Does reading make you a better person. Probably not! But reading is a great way to expand your horizons. So, now that the spring semester is almost over, this is what we will be reading during the month of May: … Continue reading

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Follow the money

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Class No. 13 (The United Airlines Case)

Have you ever been bumped off a flight or received shabby service from a commercial airline carrier? In our next class, we will take a break from “The Social Network” in order to debate United’s fateful decision (see memes below) … Continue reading

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Starve the beast: let’s just repeal the 16th Amendment

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Simple Rules (United Airlines edition)

We are big fans of Richard Epstein’s book Simple Rules for a Complex World (Harvard University Press, 1995) for many reasons. Consider aviation. In place of this convoluted academic analysis, we would advocate for the following simple rule: carriers may … Continue reading

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Class No. 12 (“You better lawyer up …”)

In our next class, we will study the pleadings in the litigation between Facebook and Eduardo Saverin. In the movie The Social Network, for example, Eduardo confronts his best friend and business partner Mark Zuckerberg when he finally realizes that … Continue reading

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