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Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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Beautiful Bacteria

Hat tip to imsozzy (via reddit).

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North American map of lunar eclipse (4 April 2015)

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Dance of the space satellites

Via Michael Franco at CNET: “Looking at this animation, you might be surprised by just how crowded the satellite space around our planet is. But remember, this animation only shows 19 Earth-observing NASA satellites. According to a roundup of all satellite … Continue reading

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Let’s get ready to rumble …

Frequentists have suffered another significant setback (pun intended) in the social science world. Via the amazing Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution, we’ve just learned that a psychology journal has officially banned significance testing from its pristine pages. (Also, check out this excellent blog post by … Continue reading

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An open letter to our frequentist friends

We have had to sit through a countless number of mind-numbing social science presentations and empirical papers during our academic career, most or all of which have relied on standard frequentist methods. We are writing today to request a favor. Why can’t we just admit … Continue reading

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Alternate solar systems

Is this art or science? Check out this cool Russian Space Agency video of what the sky would look like if the Sun were replaced by some other stars. It starts off with the binary star system of Alpha Centuri and … Continue reading

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Martian rover time lapse

“The Spirit rover drove 4.8 miles over the course of 5 years, 3 months, and 27 days. This video covers its entire journey across the Martian surface.”

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NYC subway data visualization

Is this art or science? Props to the amazing and multi-talented Chris Whong for this beautiful NYC subway turnstile-data animation.

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A 21-word solution for reducing verification bias in the social sciences?

Is social science (especially fields rife with fraud like social psychology) completely worthless? How should we solve the massive problem of verification bias in social science research and in related fields like law, economics, etc.? Via Deborah Mayo, check out … Continue reading

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