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Optimal video length for student engagement is six minutes …

According to this report by Philip Guo, Juho Kim, and Rob Rubin, who studied student engagement with online courses offered by the edX consortium (edX’s Wikipedia here). Guo, Kim, and Rubin took all 862 educational videos from four edX courses offered in the fall of 2012 … Continue reading

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A quick critique of Nate Silver’s new website

The new FiveThirtyEight website, which launched last Monday (17 March 2014), purports to offer data journalism in a wide variety of fields, not just politics (the original focus of the original FiveThirtyEight website), but also economics, science, sports, and (our favorite) “life”. … Continue reading

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Trust and collaboration

Why do most elite colleges and institutions of higher learning (including law schools) resort to proctors and complex rules to prevent cheating on exams? Why don’t we trust our students to do the right thing, like they do at Caltech? … Continue reading

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What does a micro-dissertation look like?

Check out the website LOL My Thesis to find out. In brief, it’s what you get when you cross a formal academic dissertation with a cyberpunk format like Twitter. Here’s one example: “I thought there was a solution to invasive lionfish, but there … Continue reading

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