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Will LeBron win another NBA championship?

Put another way, if you had to wager your money on this question, would you bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers, or would you bet the field? (Yeah, that’s what we thought.) By the way, while we’re on the subject of #23, what’s … Continue reading

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Is LeBron a Bayesian?

Polymath Tyler Cowen speculates thus: In Cleveland [LeBron] is not actually expected to win, at least not right away.  They can play the young guys a lot and rest his legs and extend his career, while developing the quality of the … Continue reading

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B+ or A-?

How would you grade LeBron’s eloquent essay? More importantly, what criteria would you use in assigning your grade (e.g., style, substance, grammar, spelling, etc.), and what weights would you assign to each criterion? (Props to Clickhole.)

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