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Shades of slavery (circa 1861)

According to Gareth Cook’s fascinating essay on the history of “infographics,” this was President’s Lincoln favorite map. Here is the opening paragraph of Mr Cook’s essay (emphasis ours): Near the end of 1861, with the American Union crumbling, President Abraham Lincoln became … Continue reading

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Does the institution of slavery refute the Coase Theorem?

We think it does … because slaves by definition are unable to bargain for their freedom. Our colleague and good friend Glen Whitman says it does not … read his reasons and our objections to his argument in the comments section to … Continue reading

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Haitian Zombies and Slave Economics

Originally posted on Economics of the Undead:
This article on Haitian zombies, which includes a history of attempts to explain their existence in scientific terms, reminds us that zombie folklore is historically inseparable from slavery.  Haitian zombies were created not…

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