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The ethics of flopping

A reader of The New York Times asked Chuck Klosterman (a/k/a “The Ethicist”) the following thought-provoking questions about the ethics of flopping in football: “If (nearly) every player does it, is it wrong to flop? … If flopping is part of the game, … Continue reading

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Does sex improve athletic performance?

Credit for the diagram goes to David Yanofsky. Read more here: “All of the teams that banned sex at the World Cup have been eliminated … so have a lot of the teams that didn’t ban it. So let’s not draw any inferences.” … Continue reading

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This isn’t a math test …

Two cheers for Team USA … next time in Russia!

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Evidence of match-fixing at the World Cup?

In German: here. In English: here. We blogged about this possibility on 23 June. So, we need to update our priors …  World Cup match-fixers?

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Faking it

We can’t help but cheer for Pepe (although his little headbutt looks fake too!) … Also, you will find a plausible theory explaining why players have an incentive to fake injuries in Michael Gard’s excellent essay Faking it: why football players feign injury. … Continue reading

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Is the offside rule in international football (Law 11) clear or confusing?

FYI: Here are the official guidelines for interpreting Law 11 (the offside rule in international football). Here is a useful Power Point presentation (consisting of 37 slides) explaining Law 11.

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How many World Cup matches are fixed?

Forty-eight matches will played during the first stage of the World Cup in the nation of Brasil. But how many, pray tell, of those “first 48” matches will be fixed or rigged in some form, e.g. by means of payoffs to … Continue reading

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