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Captain Kirk’s Constitution

What theory of constitutional interpretation does Captain Kirk subscribe to? Hat tip: Will Baude. Addendum: At the end of the film clip, Dr Spock  logically asks: “… but does our involvement here also constitute a violation of the Prime Directive?” (Note: … Continue reading

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The law and economics of Star Trek

Several “Star Trek scholars”–including Matthew Yglesias, Rick Webb, and Joshua Gans–have recently speculated about the economics of Star Trek. How does the economy (and legal system, we would add) work in the world of Star Trek? Does the United Federation of … Continue reading

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“Beam me up Scotty”

Who said that? According to this pithy report by Karl Smallwood, Captain Kirk never uttered these precise words in the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk comes close, however, on several occasions.  For example, he says “Scotty, beam us up, … Continue reading

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