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Creative marketing

Via reddit: “The flags of five countries are ‘hidden’ in the flag of Norway. Norwegian Airlines used this to good effect and came up with this clever print ad to promote their low airfares.” If the Super Bowl had print ads, … Continue reading

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Why are airline boarding procedures so inefficient?

Here is one hypothesis: Because consumers want and value assigned seats. Overhead bin space is scarce as well, and airlines allocate that to their best customers through early boarding. In other words, there are competing business objectives. It turns out that … Continue reading

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What does the ideal airline boarding pass look like?

According to Pete Smart, who gave this simple question some sustained thought during a nine-hour layover one day, it looks like this:

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Every airline flight around the world during a single 24-hour day

Hat tips: Max Fisher; AirTraffic LIVE (Zurcher Hochschule school of Engineering).

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