Ten-year challenge (game theory edition)

During the last ten years (2009-2019), I authored or co-authored the following ten papers in which I applied the methods of game theory (i.e. strategic decision-making) to a wide variety of legal and political questions:

1. A game-theoretic analysis of public-private contracts in the water sector (2009). I presented this paper at the National University of Singapore in July of 2009.

2. El caso de Puerto Rico: a game-theoretic analysis of the Puerto Rican status debate (2010). I presented this paper at a LatCrit conference at American University in October of 2010.

3. Modelling the Coase Theorem (2012). This was my second peer-reviewed research article, which was published in Volume 5, Issue 2 of The European Journal of Legal Studies.

4. Evade or comply? (2014). This work in progress models the strategic decision whether to evade or comply with the law.

5. The evolutionary path of the law (2014). This paper reviews Ullica Segerstråle’s beautiful biography of evolutionary biologist W. D. (Bill) Hamilton.

6. Does the prisoner’s dilemma refute the Coase Theorem? (2014). This paper, co-authored with my friend and colleague Orlando Martinez, relaxes some assumptions about the prisoner’s dilemma in order to allow Coasian bargaining between the prisoners.

7. The poker-litigation game (2015). This paper presents a simple game-theoretic model of litigation.

8. Law is a battlefield: the Colonel Blotto litigation game (2016). This draft paper presents a more complex game-theoretic model of litigation.

9. Condorcet’s Paradox and Puerto Rico Status (2019). This draft paper models the Puerto Rico status debate as a voting paradox.

10. So long suckers: bargaining and betrayal in Breaking Bad (2019). This is my most recent game theory paper. It presents a four-player bargaining game called “So long suckers” in order to model strategic negotiations and unenforceable agreements.

If you want to look “under the hood” and learn about the nuts and bolts of game theory, check this online course on “Game Theory” led by Professor Ben Polak (Yale) or this online course on “Model Thinking” led by Scott Page (Michigan). Suffice it to say I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn about game theory and build my own simple game-theoretic models. Enjoy!

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Source: Jesus Rodriguez, via Medium.

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