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We miss Vin

Dear friends… — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) October 2, 2016 Vin, don’t go … Did the suits at the front office of the Dodgers force you to retire? If so, shame on them. Whatever the case may be, the great Vin … Continue reading

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Blade Runner as film noir

Thanks to our colleague and friend Daniel Nina, we saw the movie Blade Runner for the first time in the spring of 2006 (Prof Nina had organized an open-air screening of the film at the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Law … Continue reading

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We owe Tom Brady an apology …

When news of #DeflateGate broke after the AFC Championship Game in January 2015, we were among the first bloggers to condemn quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for breaking NFL rules. After all, the Patriots have cheated before, … Continue reading

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Is the Mona Lisa overrated?

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Wall Art (Continental USA Bookshelf Edition)

The bookshelf pictured below was designed by Andrei Saltykov, a Russian-born architect who lives in London. You can read more about his beautiful creation here. Hat tip: wildeastmofo, via reddit. (By the way, we wonder what a bookshelf of a political map … Continue reading

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When to use the passive voice

As faculty editor of the UCF Undergraduate Journal, we are constantly on “passive voice search & destroy missions” when we edit manuscripts: hunting for awkward sentences written in the passive voice and converting them into simple and straightforward active voice … Continue reading

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Strategic dating

Roy Lugasi and Hod Gerlitz co-founded a new dating app called Weepo that allows users to monitor the male-to-female ratio at a bar or nightclub. According to this fascinating report by James Covert, writing for the New York Post, “The … Continue reading

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Miniature worlds

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Chicago, corner of Webster and Cleveland streets

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“Abuse Standards Violation”

That is the title of an art exhibit in London created by the husband-and-wife artistic team of Franco and Eva Mattes. (Check out this review by Ted Loos (NY Times) for more details.) In summary, the focus of this exhibit … Continue reading

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