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The spatial physics of cancer cells

Jammed Cells Expose the Physics of Cancer — Quanta Magazine (@QuantaMagazine) August 18, 2016

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Traffic Jam Paradox

Notice how a single car in the video below creates a chain-reaction leading to a traffic jam. Thus the paradox: given driver behavior, what if building more highways (or expanding existing ones) doesn’t result in reductions of traffic jams? Instead, … Continue reading

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The (Most Dangerous) Streets of San Francisco

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The economics of parking

Are there too few parking spaces in your city or campus … or too many? Professors Mikhail Chester, Arpad Horvath, and Samer Madanat try to calculate the social costs of parking in their six-page report “Parking Infrastructure and the Environment” published in 2011. … Continue reading

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The legal philosophy of red-light cameras

Many cities around the world have installed high-tech red-light cameras at busy intersections to increase safety and raise traffic revenues — although some cities are already starting to phase-out these cameras. The debate over the legality of such cameras not only presupposes that many drivers run red … Continue reading

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Email Externalities

Emails are an efficient way of communicating with others across the globe and getting things done. The problem, however, is that many email-senders do not always fully internalize the “time costs” that their emails impose on the recipients of such … Continue reading

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Public service announcement: merge rudely*

* Especially in dense, slow-moving traffic! (hat tip: tyler cowen)

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