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The ethics of flopping

A reader of The New York Times asked Chuck Klosterman (a/k/a “The Ethicist”) the following thought-provoking questions about the ethics of flopping in football: “If (nearly) every player does it, is it wrong to flop? … If flopping is part of the game, … Continue reading

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Why does one player get off with a slap on the wrist (an undisclosed monetary fine), … … while another player gets “suspended indefinitely” for essentially committing the same offense? True, the second guy’s racial slur was directed toward a … Continue reading

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Oprah’s handbag

Three Questions: #1 Is it ethical to manufacture, sell, or buy a product made from crocodiles? #2 Regardless of your answer to #1 above, was Oprah Winfrey the victim of racism or classism (or both) in the Swiss city of Zurich, … Continue reading

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