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Fair or foul? (Marijuana law enforcement edition)

Via Vox, more evidence that the “war on drugs” is a racist war.

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#Say no to racism!

Why are there so many angry faces in this picture? The next time these citizens complain about “illegal aliens” taking over our country, they should ask themselves two simple questions: (1) did your ancestors come to our country legally?; and (2) was our nation’s war of conquest … Continue reading

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Is Richard Dawkins an Islamophobe?

Check out his popular Twitter account and decide for yourself … libcom.org (Andrew Brown of the Guardian has some thoughts on this matter too.)

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Oprah’s handbag

Three Questions: #1 Is it ethical to manufacture, sell, or buy a product made from crocodiles? #2 Regardless of your answer to #1 above, was Oprah Winfrey the victim of racism or classism (or both) in the Swiss city of Zurich, … Continue reading

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