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“The possibility of a general theory of emergency”

That is the subtitle of this fascinating paper — the full title of the paper is “Exception and Necessity: The Possibility of a General Theory of Emergency” — written by our colleague William Vazquez-Irizarry, a law professor at the University of Puerto Rico. … Continue reading

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The problem of reclining airplane seats

We forwarded our 3 October blog post “The Right to Recline?” to several scholars, including our gentle friends Terry Anderson, Christopher Buccafusco, and Chris Sprigman. (By the way, Professors Buccafusco and Sprigman, in particular, had previously published this thoughtful essay on airplane seat reclining.) In summary, … Continue reading

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Coase’s lighthouse

In honor of Ronald Coase, an intellectual giant who just died at the ripe old age of 102, prior probability wants to share this excerpt from section 3 of our paper Confessions of a Latino Law Prof to explain the immense impact … Continue reading

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