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Happy Birthday, Mr Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was born on this day (1/11) in the British West Indies.

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Train Track Art

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Dandelion, frozen in time

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Check out Paperholm, a beautiful and whimsical paper city created by artist Charles Young, who has been adding a new paper structure to his tiny metropolis each day. More details here, via Colossal. Hat tip: kottke.

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Conway’s Cosmogram

More math art here, by Bronna A. Butler. (Hat tip: Cliff Pickover.)

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Blade Runner as film noir

Thanks to our colleague and friend Daniel Nina, we saw the movie Blade Runner for the first time in the spring of 2006 (Prof Nina had organized an open-air screening of the film at the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Law … Continue reading

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Is the Mona Lisa overrated?

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1000-piece color puzzle

Australian artist Clemens Habicht has created the beautiful “color puzzle” pictured below, a puzzle containing exactly 1,000 colors cut into a one-thousand piece CMYK color gamut. You can order one here (via Colossal).

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Wall Art (Continental USA Bookshelf Edition)

The bookshelf pictured below was designed by Andrei Saltykov, a Russian-born architect who lives in London. You can read more about his beautiful creation here. Hat tip: wildeastmofo, via reddit. (By the way, we wonder what a bookshelf of a political map … Continue reading

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Miniature worlds

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