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p-hacking primer

Via io9, John Bohannon explains how fake science works, specifically, the problem of “p-hacking”:

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Legal liability for research fraud

That is the title of our latest paper, forthcoming in the Statistical Journal of the IAOS. Props to Steve Koczela and Orlando I. Martinez-Garcia for their comments and suggestions on the paper. In addition, props to my wife Sydjia Robinson … Continue reading

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Cheating pays … Just ask Wells Fargo execs

What’s up with Wells Fargo’s CEO? According to the N.Y. Times, “Wells Fargo was flowing with regrets …, taking out ads in nearly a dozen newspapers saying the bank took ‘full responsibility’ for creating sham bank accounts without its customers’ … Continue reading

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Most stolen books

"Most Stolen Books" shelf: Congrats to #HarukiMurakami, @BretEastonEllis, @chuckpalahniuk, #KurtVonnegut & others — Vintage/Anchor Books (@VintageAnchor) June 3, 2016

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How to hide a billion dollars (legally?)

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Tinder trailer

Questions about Tinder: How does the “Super Like” function described in the video above overcome or solve the problem of cheap talk or false signals? Also, does Tinder improve or reduce the overall level of “welfare” or “utility”–as economists define … Continue reading

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Why do politicians lie so much?

 Is there an “optimal level” of truth telling in politics?

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