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Asymmetrical warfare (Baton Rouge, July 2016)

Today's offering from me on #blacklivesmatter in #BatonRouge #LeshiaEvans for @BBCNews — Kerrance Alexandra (@KerryAlexandra) July 11, 2016

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A Bayesian Model of “Making a Murderer”

In our previous posts (here and here), we revisited two of our research papers–one on range voting; the other on the Turing Test–and created alternate legal universes in which jury trials were decided using a range voting procedure or some … Continue reading

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Glorified tax collectors? (Ferguson, Missouri edition)

Our friend and colleague Alex Tabarrok has posted his thoughts on “The Ferguson Kleptocracy” earlier today. In addition to a grab bag of (representative?) anecdotes, Professor Tabarrok notes, among other things, that “last year Ferguson drivers paid $12,400 in fines for driving cars with … Continue reading

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“I am a Liberian, not a virus”

Check out #IamALiberianNotAVirus and this report by Yesha Callahan. Thanks to Shoana Cachelle for her video.

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Our peace plan for Palestine

How about a “one-state” solution? That is, what if the Government of Israel were to annex the Gaza Strip outright; (ii) extend full Israeli citizenship as well as voting rights to every person living in Gaza, (iii) allow all political parties incorporated in Gaza (including Hamas) … Continue reading

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The science of aircraft boarding

Roya Wolverson explains in this short essay why boarding a commercial airplane “feels unfair and chaotic”: If your aircraft boarding experience feels totally random, that may be because it is. Random boarding is a scientific method (pdf) invented in 2008 by a frustrated Illinois-based astrophysicist named Jason Steffen who, … Continue reading

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Just deserts for Brasil?

Are the Brasilians themselves mostly responsible for Neymar’s horrible on-the-field injury during their quarter-final match with Team Colombia on 4 July? Before you say “no,” check out this excellent analysis by Sam Borden recounting the sordid details of Brasil’s dirty tactics as well as the one-sided officiating … Continue reading

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